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 Start of a new Adventure

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PostSubject: Start of a new Adventure   Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:57 pm

~beep beep beep~ An alarm had begun an immediate ringing at around 7:30am exactly; beside Zoran's bed had it resided on a side table. Zoran had been in an odd position sound asleep. right leg hanging off the right of the bed, left arm hanging off the opposite end. which each limb had tense with a minor jolt to the sound of the Alarm. motioning into a seated position, with arms under neath him. Somewhat scared, he begun to look around with few turns of his head, squinting as sun light had enteed through the window. a blank exression taking part on his face. with a loud yawn, he looked toward the Alarm clockto see it'd been been 7:34am. with a quick jolted op off the bed Zoran ran to his dresser at the far corner of is room, Shouting.

"Awe man{!!!} i'm goona be late{!!!}"

he yelled to himself, in thought at the moment. mainly of being late to the market, where he thought he'd seek someone to start his journey with once more, having complications earlier. Quickly; Zoran had changed his usual attire with a pair of black shorts with a yellow stripe down the sides, a plain white t-shirt, and a pair of white jogging sneakers, finishing with a backwards balck hair. tossing his original attre into a backpack, and slipped it on. with this; Zoran had turned and ran out the door way to the hallway upstairs, and jogged quickly down them. Spotting his mom, he'd continued into the kitchen to look for some food. Only attempting toreach an Apple.

"mom{!!!} Where's ralt's Pokeball{?!?}"

his mom entered with the pokeball within her palms, Giggling at oran as he rushed. Setting it on the table. before leaving off to the living room. all the while Zoran had found and stashed two apples into his pockets, and reached for the pokeball. Quickly stashing it with the Apples. After such, he ad made way to the door, and opened it to walk out. looking around, he turned to head off to the left to the market.

"where is it{???}"

((Anyone can join. No need to ask. Wanna make it simple and easy to keep track off. So please wait to respond, cause i get on once in awhile. x.x thanks.))
Start of a new Adventure
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