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 One bloody request

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Lapis Lazuli
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PostSubject: One bloody request   Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:03 pm

Can you not complain to me in pms anymore. I'm not an administrator, so there's no chance I'm going to tell Luna that, hey you were meant, "have fun while your busy". I don't care if that's the reason you didn't want Luna as an administrator. Yeah, it's the same reason I didn't want her as the head either, but she said she wouldn't do stuff like banning for obviously no reason. I don't want to rant on about this, but getting even one pm about something like this pissess me off. Im' not siding with anyone because I do not know what happened at the time. Nor do I have to, because I'm no longer obligated to do so.

So yeah, I have little action to do EVEN if I care about what Luna does.

PostSubject: Re: One bloody request   Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:27 am

Redirect any complaints, SO LONG AS THEY AREN'T FLAT OUT VENTING to me, NOT Ellis. I will personally handle any complaints made toward the staff outside of "I don't like them". If you simply PM me saying "They were mean" then I WILL ignore you. You must write out in detail what was done and why you're upset by said staff member.
One bloody request
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