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 Got to be Somebody

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Max Silver
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PostSubject: Got to be Somebody   Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:19 am

Max found himself staring at the Gym where many had been humiliated, hurt and defeated by Claire the Dragon trainer. Max had read about her. She was basically unbeatable. She had the power of Lance, the skill of Drake, the knowledge of Drayden and the looks of Iris. Although she has been beaten by all of these trainers countless times, she still had the integrity to keep going until she is the best. max knew that one day she would lead the Elite Four and possibly even become Champion.

Max considered going in for a challenge but he knew it was pointless. His only pokemon being Eevee and he was sure she wouldn't last 5 minutes against the likes of her Kingdra. Besides, Max had more important matters to deal with. His missing Growlithe for one.

Max's journey around Johto had been a short one. His searches for the grunt who stole his Growlithe had been fruitless. He'd been to every city besides Cianwood and Cherrygrove which he would have to check out before he headed to New Bark Town and then on to Kanto. He didn't care how long it took him as long as he found Growlithe.

The wind started to pick up and Max decided he needed cover. His Eevee buried herself into his arms as he searched for the Pokemon Centre. Maybe he would meet someone who was heading where he was as well. It would be good to have some sort of traveling companion. Even if it was only until Cianwood City.

Max walked through the automatic doors of the Pokemon Centre and sat down where trainers usually sat when they were waiting for their pokemon to be healed. No one was here except the Nurse and Max thought that he may not find anyone of use here. He leaned back in his chair and stared at the clock while he stroked his Eevee's shiny coat.

'Nobodys coming' He muttered to himself and stood up. He walked out of the Pokemon Centre and decided to leave Blackthorn City. His two options were the dangerous Route 45 or the Ice Path which has become an easier path after the addition of the a road inside of it. Max decided he may as well just go back the way he came and headed into the Ice Path. It wasn't nearly as cold as it once was but still quite brisk. He wandered along the concrete path that had been laid out and picked up his usual fast pace. He wanted someone to travel with as he was getting lonely.

'At least I've got Eevee ' he thought, and continued along the Ice Path.
Got to be Somebody
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