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 Madison's First Adventure

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PostSubject: Madison's First Adventure   Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:50 pm

She woke up early that morning, excited for the day that she can finally be on her own with her best friend and do all the things that they had dreamed of ever since they first were together. Today was the day that Madison can finally make her dream a reality. She wanted to learn more about Pokemon so one day she can become a breeder and help others who need the wonderful companionship of a Pokemon of their own.

She hurried and got dressed and woke up the sleepy Buneary for breakfast. They hurried and scarfed down their food so they can be on their adventure soon. Madison grabbed her messenger bag and put some leftovers in it to have on the road. "Ok I think we are all set! Are you ready to go Buneary?"

Bun Bun Buuunnearrry! replied the excited buneary hopping up and down.

They headed out the door and down the road. Soon Madison realized they should probably head over and buy some stuff to prepare them for their adventure. She spotted the Poke-Mart just a little ways away and ran inside. "Hi there, My name is Madison and here is my buddy Buneary. We need to get some stuff to help us on our adventure. Im a new trainer so i dont really know what it would be that i need to get. Do you have any suggestions?" She asked the clerk.
Madison's First Adventure
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