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 Coordinators and how to get ribbons.

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PostSubject: Coordinators and how to get ribbons.   Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:42 am

At the moment I can't find any sign that this site has a system for this. I propose one that doesn't require other members competing, simply you and a mod, however more than one can join in if they wish.

Way it works;
1. go to any city that holds a competition (decided by staff)
2. make topic obvious your entering a competition, aka topic title "Coordinator Competition: (whatever else here)"
3. role play entering the competition and performing the first round, one where it's just you and your pokemon showing off and be as descriptive as possible.
4. mod comes along and using some sort of scoring system tells you while rping as a judge as to whether you pass or not.
5. given you've passed to the second round you then have to win two battles, however these battles are different to ordinary ones. You start at 50 points and only have so many posts per round to do as much damage in the best way possible. Once again a scoring system will be required. At the end of the posts or if someone loses all points the winner is announced. By winning both rounds you are awarded that cities ribbon.

Possible scoring systems:
For the initial display, simply award points for word count and descriptiveness.
For example: 0-50 words = 5 points,
50-100 = 10
100-200 = 15
200-350 = 20
350-500 = 25
500+ = 30
then judging how well it's described;
poor = 0 points
well = 5 points
good = 10 points
excellent = 20 points
(max 50 points)

To pass to next round you require a certain amount of points depending on how many ribbons you already have acquired;
0 ribbons = 20 points
1-2 ribbon = 25 points
3-4 ribbons = 35 points
5+ ribbons = 40 points

Then for the battles you lose points depending on how often you're hit/your attack misses as well as the general damage that attack does;
hit minor = lose 3 points
hit medium = lose 5 points
hit big = lose 10 points
miss = lose 3 points
and only allow 5 posts for each player (10 post total)

These are just simple suggestions and I think others could probably come up with better ideas, but I think something needs to be done soon.

PostSubject: Re: Coordinators and how to get ribbons.   Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:13 am

Since I dunno what this is all about and the system looks easy, AGREE.
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PostSubject: Re: Coordinators and how to get ribbons.   Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:40 am

Yeah, we don't had an official competition since this forum was made. I agree with the idea. We will discuss this is staff forum to compleete it.
[Idea Approved]
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PostSubject: Re: Coordinators and how to get ribbons.   

Coordinators and how to get ribbons.
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