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 Birthday Package

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PostSubject: Birthday Package   Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:33 am

Come one, come all (who have had their birthday within the past 3 months, and not gotten a birthday package, that is...).

That's right, there's a thing called a "Birthday Package". I'm sorry to say, but not even most of the staff knew about this, and so once brought to our attention we went over it. We changed it from what it used to be, but now for those who missed the opportunity (from likely not knowing it existed as most didn't...) we are offering a special!

If your birthday fell in March, April, or May and you did not know about, or receive a birthday package, simply post in the Birthday topic to receive it! Just state when your birthday was, and mention this promotion! To get to the topic, click HERE.
Birthday Package
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