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 Alterverse Bleach: The Tale of Lloyd Akashi

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PostSubject: Alterverse Bleach: The Tale of Lloyd Akashi   Sat Jul 07, 2012 1:22 pm

Simply look me up on Fanfiction.net to have a look. My pen name is Rileysaura.

Anyway, here's a brief description as to what the story is about. Keep in mind that it contains only original Chracters of my creation:

Lloyd Akashi has just been apointed as the new 7th Squad Captain several months after his predecessor went missing on a mission, along with some Lieutenants. At first, people are skeptical towards him, wondering how a nameless individual could suddenly shoot up the ranks to become Captain so quickly. Eventually gaining the trust of those around him, it is quickly broken when they discover a dark secret about him.

Alterverse Bleach: The Tale of Lloyd Akashi
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