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 Draft Tournaments

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PostSubject: Draft Tournaments   Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:54 pm

Obviously, the community cannot be expected to prepare their own, fairly matched teams to fight one another with, so I am proposing a fair, fun mechanic that could be extremely useful, fun and fair.

In Draft, people who sign up take turns picking from a list of predetermined or generated Pokemon. In this way, as they take turns picking they are able to counter one another if they so choose, but they themselves are able to be countered. Restrictions can be placed upon this to ensure the tournament is fair.

For each person that signs up, 10 Pokemon are rolled and added to the roster of Pokemon available to choose from. Ubers can be excluded, and un-evolved Pokemon are evolved into whatever the person who picked the Pokemon wishes. Once a Pokemon has been picked, it is unavailable for use by other players unless it was rolled twice. A list can be made custom for the tournament if needed.

When you sign up, you are also able to ban three Pokemon of your choice which will be excluded from the roster to choose from.

All Pokemon are level 50 or 100.

The first person who signs up picks the first three from the roster. Then the second, third and so forth until the last member, who picks twice and then picking order heads in reverse ending last with the person who picked first for the full team of 6. During this time, players can choose to counter others, strategically picking Pokemon to counter their enemies if they so wish. Alternate picking orders can be used.

Every user gets 6 TMs of their choice to add to their team during final preparations.
Draft Tournaments
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