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 The territory conquest

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PostSubject: The territory conquest   Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:24 pm

Chapter I: And so it begins
Chapter II: Beginning lands
Chapter III: Making foes.
Chapter IV: Friend or foe?
Chapter V: Ace conquer!
Chapter VI: Moving along the risks...
Chapter VII: A victory to remember...
Chapter VIII: One down,Six more to go.
Chapter IX: The Masked moon
Chapter X: Supreme showdown!
Chapter XI: A race against time.
Chapter XII: Epic defeat.
Chapter XIII: Never giving up.
Chapter XIV: Defeat turns to Victory!
Chapter XV: Return of the Masked moon.
Chapter XVI: two down,five to go.
Chapter XVII: Masked moon's Challenge.
Chapter XVIII: Masked moon unmasked.

Chapter one: And so it begins.

Dexter R. Orbsmith Woke up one day and felt good.Dexter had a good day ahead of him.He quickly grabbed some black sweat pants and a T-shirt and got dressed.Then he went down and ran out the door after grabbing a special money pouch and a few Bananas.After that,He stopped to see in the distance a big,metal,black fence.There were many warriors set for battle with strange orbs on their chest place and chrome gotlets.They all were carrying big swords and shields.A warlord came to Dexter and said "You there! You seem old enough to become a warrior.Follow me!"Without hesitation,He followed the Warlord into a Barracks.He got his own armor and sword.He was trained hard.After 5 long months,he was ready.He stood with the others as a group of warriors wearing black armor with purple,ghostly maces.They were evil,nonetheless.He was ready.After the warlords permission,all the warriors and Dexter fought.Dexter saw that one his side was a bright blue sky.Past the gate it became dark with purple clouds.He made a vow right now and then."From now on,I shall fight for good Warlord Flame."He realized he was in the middle of the greatest war ever,The territory conquest!

If you want to be in chapter 2,please post who you want to be called and their appearance.
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PostSubject: Re: The territory conquest   Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:43 pm

Okay.I shall begin the next chapter after you tell me the appearance and name of who you want to be in the story
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PostSubject: Re: The territory conquest   

The territory conquest
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