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Lapis Lazuli
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PostSubject: Questions   Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:48 am

As I'm playing through White 2, I came to a conclusion. What of Triple and Rotation Battles? I have no idea whether these have been brought up before or not but I figured, why not bring it up. 

Along with that, I was curious as to whether pokemon musicals are done here and props that are used in both Contests and Musicals, as from what I recall from my knowledge of the site, is not covered.

EDIT: Along with the above, what of the new mechanics introduced in the next gen games Pokemon X and Y can we expect to be considered for usage on this site?
Fox Demon Avaritia
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PostSubject: Re: Questions   Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:32 am

I believe Triple and Rotation battles are available if the trainer requests it, such as Flame requesting double battles in her training thread, as an actual example, and can be used. Exp would just be divided amongst the three as per usual. It's also up to the Mod to make one happen if it isn't requested, just like any other kind of battle.

We did talk about props for contests, but it was decided against for the sake of keeping things easy and smooth. Perhaps if you wanted them and came up with a system for using them, it could be considered to be added. As of currently, I don't know of any members entering Musicals, so I don't have a reply for that except that it could use a similar system if it is introduced.

As for X and Y, yes, things will be added. But not until after the games' release.
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