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 Fair Staff Suggestion

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PostSubject: Fair Staff Suggestion   Sat Aug 24, 2013 6:53 am

So, sometimes on every forum, people get punished for something, but the staff only listened to 1 version of what happened. Before you even THINK this has involvement with my other "I Tried to stop" topic, don't. I've seen others get punished for single-sided arguments. Here. Continuing anyway, my suggestion is the staff should take all sides, decide how they think it went down, and work from there. I think this would be fair to everyone, as it would let everyone involved explain what happened, and avoid punishing the wrong person. That one has happened to me, but not here. I've seen it here though. Anyway, I'd like only staff to post here, please...And me so I can reply to them.
Fair Staff Suggestion
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