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 Player Points as Cyber Cash

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PostSubject: Player Points as Cyber Cash   Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:46 pm

So yeah, we could use some cyber cash we could use around the forum. That would be player points. No, I don't mean the player points shop. As in a shop we can use to buy stuff that we, the members ourselves can use for our own gain and not for in-game. Say, I'll give 2000PP to Admin A so he gets 2000PP added to his PP that he can use for other stuff. Then, I make him do something. Say, a graphics request or a customized "rank/title". Like, the one staff has. The "admin" or "moderator" image below their avatar. I'll have Admin A make me my custom one. And not only that, as well as for other things as well.

Player Points as Cyber Cash
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