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 Teaming up for great justice

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PostSubject: Teaming up for great justice   Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:47 pm

I apologize, I like puns. Anyways, this thread does have an actual point. Let me start by tracing a bit of my gaming history. Back when Ruby was new and I was playing, I was happy to see there was a team of people that actually wanted to help me beat the evils and save the day, only to be disappointed when I learnt it's reversed in Sapphire and they both want to destroy the tri-state area in Emerald.

My suggestion doesn't take much Mod action to accomplish in all honesty. (as much as it would help) I simply ask that just as much as there are people here making evil organizations, they consider making teams of good guys now and then as well, whether they're law enforcement groups, or even people that are technically not with the law, (and maybe even outlaws) but do intend to do the world good. (I'd do this myself, but I'm still a newbie. I'll gladly join the movement when I got more experience though. X) ) Yes, I know the baddies got those meddling kids to deal with, but it would be more realistic and even potentially more interesting to pit the bad guys against an organized group with some big goal once in a while as well. Besides, there's bad loners too.
Teaming up for great justice
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