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 An Adventure Begins{open}

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PostSubject: An Adventure Begins{open}   Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:55 am

She looked around her room and with a heavy sigh picked up her pack, stocked full of items a new adventure might need, a map, some camping gear and some food and water. She headed downstairs as her mother was resting on the couch sleeping peacefully, this illness she has makes her very tired so she sleeps often. Madison quietly walks over and places a kiss on her mothers forehead whispering "I will do my best to make you proud mother" as she makes her way to the door she stops and looks back longing at her mom and steps out into the bright day her best friend Blitz at her side trotting along happily his tongue hanging out.

She makes her way to the nearest field not really following any particular direction just going wherever her feet take her. After a few hours of traveling she stops and finds a nice grassy spot by a pond to rest. She takes out some snacks and splits them between her and the Growlithe with her. She pats the pups head "Are you as anxious as I am about his adventure huh bud?" the growlithe looks at her and tilts its head "growl?" she smiles at him "its gonna be fun! I just know it!" she stands up a grin on her face as she begins to dance around taking out an empty pokeball "were gonna make so many new friends and Im gonna be the best pokemon breeder Kanto will ever see!" she twirls around and tosses the pokeball in the air as if there was a pokemon inside. "lets Go Dewgong!" she seems to be acting out an imaginary scene in her mind as blitz looks at her puzzled by her actions. He gets caught up in her contagious happy attitude, he stands and starts wagging his tail and barking at nothing zig zagging from left to right as if he is dodging an invisible attack and lunging himself forward biting at the air. Madison settles down picking up the pokeball she threw earlier watching blitz's rambunctiousness letting out a giggle "We are gonna have to learn how to coordinate together as a team in case we ever get in a battle bud" she reaches down petting his head as he lays down panting. She scoops him up in a hug squeezing him tightly.

After a few more minutes of resting, mainly because she has no idea where to go and she sighs "Blitz, any idea where we should go or what to do? I dont know how these things are supposed to go, learning to be a trainer and hopefully one day a breeder is kinda scary you know..." Blitz whimpers and nuzzles her hand gently.
An Adventure Begins{open}
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