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 Character Thread Tracker

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Gareth The Wise
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PostSubject: Character Thread Tracker   Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:31 am

currently journeying through Hoenn

  • Episode One: Second Time 'Round
    Gareth's first thread. He travels to Littleroot Town in order to see Professor Birch and receive his first Pokémon: Mudkip.
  • [Training] Route 101 to Oldale Town
    Gareth's second thread. He leaves Littleroot in order to make the short travel to Oldale. In between he trains his Mudkip and finds out about its strength.
  • Episode Two: Getting To Know The Fish
    Only making a brief stop within Oldale in order to get his dex registered, Gareth ventures to Route 102 in hopes of getting some battling experience with wild pokémon and new trainers.
Character Thread Tracker
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