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 Path to Pewter City(Travel Post)

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Abelie de Firenze
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PostSubject: Path to Pewter City(Travel Post)   Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:40 am

Abelie had arrived in the grasslands on the corner of the City known as Blackthorn of course she was making a stop to assist in her training for her pokemon. As soon as she stopped she will throw out to of her pokemon each being their own as one was her Axew and the other was her Bagon. The use to be enemies were now face to face as allies,Abelie would put her hand on her waist as she look towards her pokemon as she knew it was about time they started on their training before they run into the first gym.”Ok you two were going to have a bit of fun dealing with both of you guys power,so listen closely to what i’m saying”Abelie begun to speak as both of her pokemon sat in front of her as she couldn’t help but smile. She had Axew go to the other side like it was a actually gym battle as both dragon types took their positions as the woman had her arms over her chest,”Bagon and Axew use Dragon Pulse!!”she will shout out loud for both of them to hear.

Orbs begun to gather at both of the dragons mouths as they were gathering the power they needed to blast the attack that they were ordered to use. Without time being wasted the dragons let loose the Dragon Pulse as both attacks collided with one another as this was the ultimate test of power right now and they weren’t exactly going easy on one another. Abelie knew her pokemon were in good shape so her worrying about them wasn’t much of her concern. The blast continue to be at a standstill as Axew begun to push Bagon’s Dragon Pulse back making it difficult on Bagon to keep his up but being a stubborn dragon like Bagon he really didn’t understand the meaning of give up,this training was helping both of her dragons output which she relied on for ending things quickly. The blast kept being pushed back as Abelie watched she wasn’t saying anything because she wanted to see what they could do on their own.

Both of you Max Power”she spoke up as the dragons responded as the Dragon Pulse on Bagon end got bigger and more violent making both of the attacks once again a even match as Abelie smirked as she was happy for her pokemon they both were strong by how they were and she knew it was great. the attacks just continued to erupt before the blast finally cancel one another out as the power was equal at that time but Abelie knew there had to be more and bagon had to be pushed further.”Axew use Dragon Rage..and Bagon Dodge it and use bite!”she ordered as Axew will gather the power within it’s smile body as it will release the dragon rage which Bagon ended up dodging by shifting it’s body to the right but almost hit with the majority of the attack,it charged Axew than opening its mouth in a attempt to bite down onto Axew,but it wasn’t really shocking as Axew was able to dodge at the last moment by jumping into mid air.”Axew and Bagon once more Dragon Pulse!”she ordered.

Both dragons opened their mouth releasing the powerful blast as both of them will collide with one another once again being at a standstill. As the blast will erupt into a explosion sending both dragons backwards as they both will fall to their knees as Abelie got their pokeballs rising them up and returning them to their destined confinements. “Both of you,are equal power wise we will have to continue training on the way to Pewter City,Good job”she said softly.

637 words
32 exp to Axew

31 exp to Bagon
Path to Pewter City(Travel Post)
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