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 Cassiopeia Mercier

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PostSubject: Cassiopeia Mercier   Wed May 13, 2015 4:30 am

|~ Gen. Information ~|
Aliases / Names:
Cassiopeia Alessandra Mercier
[NN] Cass

Age | Birthplace | Gender:
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Shalour City, Kalos Region

Trainer Rank:

|~ Characterization ~|

Cassiopeia is a platinum blonde beauty, long, straight hair cascading down her back. She has dazzling blue eyes that can light up any room. In terms of body type, Cassiopeia is very short, standing only 5'1", and with her small height comes a small frame. She is someone thin and slim, but still has a more athletic body due to her muscle tone. This young lady doesn't have one set outfit, but prefers to dress in a very feminine fashion; her wardrobe is adorned by hues of red, lavender, and blue. Floral designs also lend themselves to the designs of her clothing. Typically, Cassiopeia leaves her hair down or pulls it back into an intricate braid.

Cassiopeia is very kind and well-meaning. She is always willing to help others no matter the circumstances. However, this unusually strong kindness brings her to often overstep her boundaries on accident, occasionally causing discomfort to those around her. She tries to make many friends, as social interaction is one of her favorite things. Cass still carries a slight French accent, as she is from the Kalos region. This often embarrasses her when other people comment on it, but it is also something that she very much likes about herself. When it comes to boys, this blonde beauty is very flirty and falls fast and hard. She nearly always has a crush on a boy, but is often too shy to tell them. Instead, Cass will gossip with her girl-friends about the boys she likes and needs help to let them know that she is interested in dating them.
Loneliness is Cassiopeia's number-one enemy; she thinks self-deprecating thoughts when she is alone, leading to lowered self-confidence. She tries to not show her weakness in front of others in fear of them not liking her. When she doesn't like someone, however, Cass will let them know. She is not afraid of confrontation and will get angry and aggressive very quickly. Physical violence is not something she often turns to, but when the situation is dire, she will use every fiber of her being to fight until the very end.
Likes: Cute Pokemon, Dressing up, Singing, Making new friends, Meeting new people, Being social, Girly things
Dislikes: Being alone, Looking weak, Blending in, Staying home

Battle Style:
"I use a combination of offensive attacks and status ailments to defeat my challengers!"

Past Experience / History:
Cassiopeia comes from a moderately wealthy family. When she was younger, she was sent to a private academy with her brother to learn everything about Pokemon, battling, and strategy. She didn't return home until she was 16, long after the time when most trainers receive their first Pokemon. Her brother immediately went to the local Pokemon lab and received his starter Pokemon - a Charmander. Following this, he returned home, packed up his belongings, and left to go on his Pokemon journey, but not before spending some time with Cass and letting her see his Charmander. Cassiopeia also wanted to leave and receive her starter, but because she was the youngest in her family, her parents wouldn't let her leave quite yet. For the next two years, Cassiopeia stayed at home and volunteered at the local Pokemon lab, feeding Pokemon and helping the professor with small tasks around the lab. Her friends would always come visit, bringing along the Pokemon friends that they made over the years, bringing up jealous feelings within Cass.
Cassiopeia's brother finally returned home after two years of journeying with a team of strong Pokemon. His Charmander had evolved into a Charizard, and the rest of his Pokemon were all of the Dragon type; he had become a Dragon Master. Cass was so excited that her brother had finally returned, and she was excited to see the Charizard that she played with when he was only a Charmander. Her brother released the Charizard from its Pokeball to let Cass see him. This was not the same Pokemon, though, and he immediately was aggressive towards Cassiopeia. He shot a flamethrower attack at her, and she barely escaped without being singed. This triggered a fear within her, Fire and Dragon Pokemon becoming the main terror. However, as time passed, Cass finally decided she could leave to go on her journey, and she visited the Lab to pick her starter. Cassiopeia made the fateful decision of picking a Charmander. Now, she is ready to try to understand her brother's Charizard as she explores the world of Pokemon with her new partner.

|~ Inventory ~|

Money: $6,200
05x Pokeballs

|~ Pokemon ~|
Species: Charmander
Nickname: Flamme
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Experience: 0
Ability: Blaze
Modest Nature
Flamme is not necessarily an unfriendly Pokemon, but he isn't overly friendly either. He is somewhat reserved. He likes to eat Dry flavored things. Flamme secretly loves to dance, but refuses to do it in front of anyone.
Scratch, Crunch, Ember, Growl, Dig, Smokescreen
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PostSubject: Re: Cassiopeia Mercier   Wed May 13, 2015 6:24 am

Please put actual paragraphing in the history. It's a nightmare to read a wall of text.

What was her childhood like? Where was the private academy and what were her experiences there? Did wealth afford her conveniences or influence her behaviour in any way that might be different to being poor or middle class? What was her family like?
Cassiopeia Mercier
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