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 Taylor Bauro

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Taylor bauro
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PostSubject: Taylor Bauro   Sun May 17, 2015 1:35 pm

|~ Gen. Information ~|
Aliases / Names:
Taylor Bauro

Age | Birthplace | Gender:

Trainer Rank:pokemon trainer

|~ Characterization ~|
*Option 1:
*Option 2: Taylor has pale peach coloured skin, emerald green eyes and long hip length carmel brown colored hair, which she wears in a messy ponytail.Taylor has many freckles and doesn't really look like anything special, just an ordinary, very skinny mind you, 12 year old girl. as for what she wears, Taylor wears her favourite purple seater with her ice-blue shirt underneath. she has a white bag and she always wears her ice-blue pokemon brand baseball cap and her pokeball necklace (it's a pokeball on a necklace). she is about 4 foot 2 and weighs 89 pounds. she is skinny due to months of not having enough to eat.

Taylor is a kind person and she loves helping both people and pokemon. she loves her pokemon very much and may or may not spoil them just a little bit. she trains and raises her pokemon constantly and it makes her a bit awkward when talking to people. even though social situations are awkward, Taylor loves to meet new people and their pokemon. Taylor, meaning well, does critique
the way others raise their pokemon and this is a bit annoying, as she doesn't like it when people do this to her. Taylor gets angry when unneeded harm comes to her pokemon or when people tease
her about family-related issues.

Battle Style:
Taylor is a careful battler. she calculates each move before she makes it and tries to avoid her pokemon from getting badly hurt. just because she's careful, doesn't mean she doesn't battle well. Taylor likes to teach her pokemon status( like poison powder) and healing moves as well as attacking moves and she doesn't really  care for moves like tail whip.

Past Experience / History:
when Taylor was a young girl, she lived with her parents in sinnoh and she has sworn to never go back there again. a year ago, when she was 11 Taylor ran away from home because her parents, linda and greg Bauro, did not like pokemon and they disliked that Taylor did. They were often abusive to the pokemon who lived nearby, they did things like throw rocks at the pokemon, injuring the poor things.

Taylor's parents began to ignore their daughter so, she ran away, simple as that. there have been search parties in sinnoh to find her, but none were successful as she was traveling in the other regions. As she traveled, Taylor befriended an eevee, whom she named hope. Hope is currently Taylor's only pokemon and is the pokemon inside Taylor's pokeball necklace

|~ Inventory ~|

Money: $6,200
05x Pokeballs

|~ Pokemon ~|
Species: Eevee
Nickname: Hope
Experience 0
Ability: adaptability
Personality: gentle but tough when needed
Moves: Tackle, swift, sand-attack, babydoll eyes, shadow-ball(tm move), wish(egg move)

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Dragon Kurai
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PostSubject: Re: Taylor Bauro   Sun May 17, 2015 3:58 pm

I notice that note saying "Travelling between Kalos and Unova." That's not really necessary in the application; you'll be RPing between those two regions likely xD

You need to put the name of a region and town here.
"another region" doesn't work.

You repeated your appearance twice under this category. You only need to write it once. I'd also like to see a bit of expansion on her appearance, but not with the amount of items she has, but the amount of detail there is. Paint us a really good picture of what this character looks like; what distinguishes her from the other trainers? What makes her stand out?

While you've got the basis of a decent personality, it's a bit too short. You've gotta give some expansion, and I'd love to see both the good and bad mixed into the same paragraph involving the same aspects of her personality. For example, you could mention that she loves nurturing her pokemon (spoiling them, perhaps?) but absolutely despises being told how to raise them by others. I'd also like to remind that not every character is 100% good or 100% evil; everybody has some sort of balance in characterization.

You've gotta do a lot of expansion on the history. What I read now is, well, a bit plain in my opinion. What's the in-depth motivation behind why she ran away, and what events during her childhood lead to this? Did she struggle to survive on her own the first few months after she did? How was family life prior to her escape; was it decent at hte start, and then she discovered her parents' dislike of pokemon? Did where they lived evidence this? There's so many things you can add to give depth to the character o3o

You don't really need the picture for the eevee's appearance. If you really want to, you could use a sprite or the 3d sprites as used in Pokemon X/Y to represent appearance, as they aren't that large. o3o
Taylor Bauro
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