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 Chr Template 3.0

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PostSubject: Chr Template 3.0   Sun Jun 14, 2015 9:58 am

Useful Links:
1. Base Regulations on Creation
2. Trainer Classes for Template
3. Post Improvement (for writing)

Trainer Creation Rules:
1. You may only have a maximum of 4 active characters. If your next character exceeds this count, request a moderator or administrator to move one of the active characters. Note: By doing so, you will be effectively freezing their roleplay until you reactivate them! Ensure any ties with player characters and your moderator are severed prior to deactivation of their active status!
2. You may create a maximum of one character per week. Characters that exceed this limit will not be approved until the following week!
3. Follow all guidelines in the character template below. If you wish to make substantial modifications to the template, you may do so (let a staff member overview your modifications if you’re unsure of the changes you’ve made). Note: If this is your first trainer, refrain from modifications!
4. Follow the principles of logic and fairness. Characters can be pretty magnificent creations if you’re capable of explaining what they are; however, there is limit to what can/ cannot be done.
5. Staff may ask for further detail from any field should they feel it vital to your character application’s success. Examples of suggestions would be a request for more events defining the character, inclusion of certain factors in personality, or the decrease of level in a pokemon (should you set it too high). Some are ignorable, such as giving the character nicknames. Use reason.
6. When editing in information, refrain from repetition. For example, stray from duplication of the battle style in the personality section. This may be a reason your application is held from approval temporarily.
7. You CANNOT modify the “Badges” or “Money” section of the character template. You may modify the “Items” section with the approval of a staff member OR if your item is not of monetary value, such as an RP item. For example, giving yourself a diamond is a no-no, but a special accessory from a parent is permitted. Note: Any items of non-monetary value will not be sellable in ANY shop on the forum; they will be restricted to your character only.
8. Refrain from utilizing OFFICIAL / CANON characters (such as professors, gym leaders, and the like) in your character application. You can negotiate with staff about possible utilization, but it will very likely be limited if permitted! (There's a very good reason behind this)

First trainers:
First trainers MUST start with the following:
- 1 pokemon with a maximum level of 12
- A non-shiny pokemon
- Unmodified “Items” section unless item isn't monetary (read above)
- Unmodified character template

The only negotiable of the above list is pokemon shiny-ness; in this instance, you will likely be required to provide more of a thorough development in the character application to explain the pokemon.

Starting above the basic pokemon:
Secondary (and future) trainers may start with the following:
- A maximum of 2 pokemon whose levels CANNOT exceed 25 in total
- Shiny pokemon IF negotiated with staff members
- Modified “Items” section if negotiated with staff members
- Modified character template if the modifications do NOT decrement required information

Remember, staff reserve the right to deny your character for any reason IF it doesn't follow rules, logic, or if it just isn't reasonable. It is up to YOU, the user, to communicate with staff members.


[size=13][color=#3399FF][b]|~ Gen. Information ~|[/b][/color][/size]
[b]Aliases / Names:[/b]
Input your character’s first and last name in this field. If you so choose, you may also put nicknames on separate lines (Preferably indicated by an “[NN]” to the left of the name)

[b]Age | Birthplace | Gender:[/b]
Indicate your character’s age, gender, and birthplace here. A pokemon trainer (or any character) shouldn’t be too young, nor to old. The birthplace MUST specify a region and town within the Pokémon world.

[b]Trainer Rank:[/b]
Input your trainer’s rank/ class here. For example, “pokemon trainer,” “aura trainer,” or “pokemon coordinator”

[size=13][color=#3399FF][b]|~ Characterization ~|[/b][/color][/size]
Depict what your character looks like. You may do this by including a picture or describing your character through words. If you use an image, have permission from the artist if necessary! Should you choose to describe through words, then describe your character through at least 2-3 paragraphs, each consisting of 3-5 sentence(s). Depict hair style, eye color, general height, and apparel or other distinguishing features of your character, such as accessories or special markings.

Describe the character’s unique behavior here with at least 2-3 paragraphs of 3-5 sentences. Your character’s behavior should define the character’s BASE personality, including but not limited to interests, dislikes, goals, fears, odd traits, and interaction with other characters. Create an in-depth depiction of how this character would respond in different scenarios (DON’T interpret this as actually depicting specific scenarios; generalize!)

[b]Battle Style:[/b]
Depict the character’s battling methods here. Preferably multiple strategies would be included here, but if you’d rather generalize the style to something such as “utilizes opponents’ _____ weakness to their advantage when possible,” then that is acceptable as well.

[b]Past Experience / History:[/b]
Write about the background of your character here. What makes your character who he/she is? What events comprise the goal(s) that your character follows? Depict these experiences in at least 3 paragraphs of 3-5 sentences, depicting at least 3 major events and at least 2 childhood experiences; how the character encounters their pokemon is also a requirement. Use transitions and portray at what point in their life events happen! Examples that you could write of are experiences between the character and other figures in their life, terrifying moments, inspirational endeavors, etc.

(Staff may be lenient with the historical context (childhood-wise) of your character IF you can be convincing that you’ll reveal a greater portion of this throughout your RP experience.) (ALSO, it is possible for you to use a major event to satisfy a childhood experience; however, you're still responsible for having a decent historical context for the character!)

[size=13][color=#3399FF][b]|~ Inventory ~|[/b][/color][/size]

[b]Money:[/b] $6,200
05x Pokeballs

[size=13][color=#3399FF][b]|~ Pokemon ~|[/b][/color][/size]
[b]Gender:[/b] Male\ Female\ Genderless
[b]Experience:[/b] 0
Describe your pokemon’s personality; it doesn’t have to be elaborate, but should cover base behaviors. Is the pokemon rude or generous, for example.

List all moves your pokemon will have learned up to their current level (exclude duplicates), indicated with “L##” (where ## is the level). Your starting pokemon may have 1 Technical machine and Egg move within their list, and you should always use the most current generation learnset (As of June 14, Gen VI (6))

Sample Template:
Chr Template 3.0
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