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 Cassian Thorne [Such WIP]

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PostSubject: Cassian Thorne [Such WIP]   Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:29 pm

•[=Basic Information=]•

Cassian Thorne




[=Trainer Type=]
-Rare Pokemon Hunter-
Shiny, Dark, Marked, Ghost, and Custom

Fortree City, Hoenn

•[=Physical Information=]•

The first noticeable thing about Cassian would be his hair. It's a shiny, darkened red color that often be mistaken for black when seen from far away. If that weren't enough, it also falls to the length of his shoulders and is usually either kept naturally falling or in an unkempt ponytail tied off toward the ends rather than the roots. To go with this unique shade, his eyes are almond-shaped and a vivid almost cyan color that can change in hue depending on the lighting, his surroundings, and whatever he may be wearing at the time. He has a lighter complexion and burns more than tans in the sun. Because of this, there is little sun damage on his skin. Despite this, he has few freckles. His overall face gives an 'innocent' feel to it, as if he can gain trust with just one genuine smile. Any sort of glare he pulls or other looks of malice will almost be laughable at best. When embarrassed or stressed, his blushing will be very obvious with a reddened contrast against his complexion, and with lack of sleep his eyes will gain dark shadows underneath more readily than some people. He has no facial hair and couldn't make an honest attempt at growing it even if he wanted to.

His body type is ectomorphic, leading him to have a thinner stature and almost a delicate look to him. Because of this, he has quite the good metabolism and seems to never put on much weight despite the enthusiasm he puts into eating. He doesn't gain muscle or fat very easily, so his body is not toned, but it's not fatty either, somewhat in a lean middle ground. In a fight, he'd definitely need to rely on his brain more than brawn. He has a long torso and thin limbs. His general build and strength create a lack of stamina due to lack of built muscle. His leaner build as well as interesting choices in hairstyle compared to most males is enough to make him stand out compared to others, but he can blend into a crowd with a little styling or a well placed cap or hood. He rarely slouches, and due to many of his physical features can often be mistaken for younger than his actual age.


145 lbs.

[=Common Attire=]
Cassian isn't one to fret about appearance, and because of this, will often wear plain clothing that doesn't catch much attention. His typical outfit would most likely be a simple T-shirt or long sleeve in a solid color, though he leans more toward cool colors. He often favors shades of blue especially, but mild greens are often common as well. He prefers comfortable, inexpensive jeans for leg-wear. Overall, his typical attire is best described as plain and nondescript, but comfortable.

[=Formal Wear=]
The most formal Cassian usually goes would be a nicer button down shirt in typically the same colors he would wear anyway as well as a trusty pair of black slacks. If the mood calls for it, he may also throw on a tie but will only do so if absolutely necessary. He still goes for comfort rather than class, so he's never the most dressed up in the crowd. In formal situations, he will also always have his hair tied back, as it seems to look 'fancier' if he does that rather than let it fall to its usual length.

•[=Characterization and Attributes=]•




[=Striving Goal=]

[=Greatest Fear=]

[=Battle Style=]

•[=Path of Origins=]•
Cassian Thorne [Such WIP]
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