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 Mitsuki Aims for the Cascade Badge

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PostSubject: Mitsuki Aims for the Cascade Badge   Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:07 pm

Mitsuki breathed a sigh of relief as he entered the outskirts of Cerulean City. The last couple of days were rough on the doctor-to-be. As magical as Mt. Moon was, Tsuki was glad to finally be on the other side. He was hot, sweaty, and was covered in at least a layer or two of dust and dirt. Tsuki wandered the mid-afternoon streets of the city following the red signs depicting Chansey in a nurse’s hat holding an arrow to show the way to the Pokemon Center. As the red roofed building came into sight, Tsuki quickened his step and reveled as the cool air blew past him as the sliding door opened.

Tsuki managed to get a private room to take a bath after handing his team over to Nurse Joy to heal. After scrubbing the 2 layers of dust off him, Tsuki changed into some gray gym shorts and a white t-shirt that served as his sleep wear so he could get his dirty clothes into the wash. Setting a Blastoise timer Tsuki used for laundry, he went to the public kitchens to bake up the batch of cookies, Shirai promised Litwick. As Tsuki wandered the Center, taking care of the few chores he had, some of the other trainers arriving or departing, would give him a weird look before going about their business. Once all his chores were done, Tsuki found that a pool for trainers and Pokemon to use (As well as one for just Pokemon) were located in the back of the center. Deciding to do a little research on water-types, Tsuki went to the Pokemon pool to observe them. Knowing Shirai would be having a field day since she absolutely loved the water. As the afternoon turned to dusk, Tsuki got up to eat dinner and finally go to bed.

The following morning, Tsuki got dressed in his usual attire before going to the counter to retrieve his Pokemon from Nurse Joy. Shirai looked like new as the morning sun shining through the window reflected off her scale and knowing his other Pokemon looked just as good put Tsuki in a very good mood as he gathered up the pokeballs on the tray and left for the Cerulean City Gym in the heart of the city. As he approached the aquarium-styled Gym, Shirai spoke.

“Dratini Ni Ni?” [So are you ready to meet your crush?] Shirai said with a slight tease in her voice causing a small blush formed on Tsuki’s face.

Growing up, he did have a small crush on the Water-type Gym Leader. “S-Sh-Shut it Sh-Shirai!”

Taking a few moments outside the gym, Tsuki took a few deep breaths before placing a hand on the door and opened it.
Mitsuki Aims for the Cascade Badge
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