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 Edmund Colewell

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PostSubject: Edmund Colewell   Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:33 pm

|~ Gen. Information ~|
   Aliases / Names:
   -Edmund Colewell
   -[NN] Ed

   Age | Birthplace | Gender:
  Birthplace:Driftveil City
  Gender: Male

   Trainer Rank:
  Pokemon Trainer

   |~ Characterization ~|

If one was to use a single word to describe Edmund, it would probably be dedicated. Taking a lot of time to pursue whatever interests him, he is the kind of person to wait far too long without eating if it means becoming even slightly better at what he is trying to do. This, of course, often leads him to having sudden energetic crashes, as his body decides that it is high time for him to stop.

This is not to say that he is a lethargic boy, on the contrary, whenever he can he is often seen looking for new activities to invest himself in, however, even among these abilities, Pokémon take priority.  Similarly, he is not foreign to the concept of trying to befriend someone new, seeing little to no reason to avoid doing so. That said, due to his early childhood memories, he is really not too fond of overly aggressive types, and will try to avoid them if possible.
   Battle Style:
His battle style is centered around analyzing what his opponent is good at and take that away. If they run fast, attack the ground so that they have a harder time at it, if their strength lies in precise planning, swarm them with small disruptive moves.This is not to say that he can counter everything of course. As logic dictates, he can’t know how an enemy fights if he hasn’t fought them yet. Thus, his strategy often relies on taking a later advantage rather than deciding a battle early on, as that way he can be sure that he actually understands what his opponent is capable of.
   Past Experience / History:
Edmund was born two years after his older brother and two years before his younger sister. He was born to a family of Aura users, a group formed first and foremost by that singular tradition which defines each and every person born within the Colewells. Thus, the fact that he lacked the ability to sense aura came as an unexpected, unwanted surprise, especially to him.

Aura is not to be used to harm others for selfish gains, or so teaches the Colewell school of Aura. On the other hand, telling that to two young children and having them understand is much harder, doubly so when they spent their entire day with a person that can’t do so. At first, everything started with abuse over minor spats, if the siblings started arguing, it wouldn’t be too long before one pulled out an aura based weapon against him, a weak one due to being unpractised in the art, but an aura weapon nonetheless, an advantage that he would never have.

His parents tried to break them apart whenever they saw them. However, as was the case, it was impossible for them to be with the kids at all times, whether they had gone out to work, or simply were not in the immediate vicinity, it was impossible for them to always be there for Edmund. His mother often took him when she went grocery shopping, allowing him a safe place for a while. However, he knew that he should only try to do his best to avoid angering either his brother or his sister. Because of this, and the fact that his siblings had been snapping more easily every day, the boy found solace in his life at school.

School, a place that he enjoyed since kindergarten, a place, where the only thing that differentiated him from most of the other kids was how well he did in class, and surprisingly, he did really well. Not only did the teachers like him, at school he was sociable enough to befriend most of the other kids. He wasn’t good nor bad at sports, and the happiness that the place itself gave him was more than enough to keep a large smile on his face at all moments.

In the meantime, his life at home did end up having one plus. Soon after entering elementary, once he was allowed to sleep slightly later, he found his father enthralled with something on television. It was a Pokémon battle. Some large scale event was happening. A Stoutland was facing a Reuniclus as a large sandstorm engulfed both of the Pokémon. The Stoutland moved at blazing speeds, stretching its paws far and wide towards its target. It closed in on the psychic Pokémon with a crunch, but just as it seemed that everything was lost for the green blob, it unleashed a red ball of power on the “Focus Blast!” command of its trainer. The canine Pokémon found itself engulfed by the ball of power, blasted away towards the opposite side of the stadium, and falling unconscious on its way.

It was then, that Edmund fell hopelessly in love with the idea behind Pokémon battles. It did not take too long for him to start watching the battles every day with his dad, and even at school, Pokemon Studies became a favorite class of his, he worked hard at it to learn the weaknesses and the strengths, the hows, and the whys of every Pokémon. After all, Pokémon battles were the only time that he and his father had a connection. Due to the traditions of the family, his father had to spend most of his time training Edmund’s brother and sister, and even though that kept them away from him, and too tired to argue, he could not help but to feel jealous of them

It all wound up serving a purpose. When he was thirteen years old, his father, asked out of nowhere what Edmund’s favorite Pokémon was. Without missing a bit, he answered the first Pokémon that had ever impressed him, Reuniclus. To that his father responded with a simple, “I see”.

Eventually, on his 14th birthday, his father would greet him with the best surprise that Edmund had ever received. “I won’t pave the road for you with a Reuniclus, but it is a Solosis I bought from a breeder, for you to start”. The boy clasped the green blob in his arms, hugging it tightly, as if it had been a friend throughout his entire life, right before his father kept on.

“You may not be able to use aura, but you are still my son, and I know you are destined to be great”

Edmund smiled and he said.

“Yes sir!”

He spent the next week training with it, day in and day out, coming to know his Solosis. He decided to name it Ruff, because they would have to be rough for the journey ahead. And in the process of training Ruff, he discovered that Ruff could use Thunder Wave and Secret Power, aside from Psywave and Reflect as its level dictated. Edmund, finally fell prepared.

He knew that the next morning he’d bid his parents good bye.
   |~ Inventory ~|

   Money: $6,200
   05x Pokeballs
  An aura pendant carved of wood and painted blue, it has a flame design carved on it. The aura part is in name only, and doesn't really serve any purpose except for showing that it is from the Colewell family of Aura trainers.

   |~ Pokemon ~|
   Species: Solosis
   Nickname: Ruff
   Gender: Male
   Level: 6
   Experience: 0
   Ability: Magic Guard
Even for a Solosis, Ruff is a rather quiet one. Whenever Ruff makes a noise, it is usually a short and concise “Solo”, “sis”, or the rare “Solosis”,  and usually it is only done in what Edmund swears is snark. As it happens, Ruff often appears to be observing the actions that others take, with a look on his face that appears to be saying “now what an odd thing you are doing there”. This holds especially true for loud pokemon
  -Thunder Wave(TM)
  -Secret Power(Breeding)
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PostSubject: Re: Edmund Colewell   Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:58 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Edmund Colewell   Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:48 am

You say "even among these abilities," which confuses me given the prior part of the statement. I would also like to see a bit more expansion on the personality; how does he react around people or to being alone? What sorts of interests and disinterests can you give as an example, fears, motivations, etc.

I would like to see a motivation behind Reuniclus being his favorite pokemon. I'd also like to see a bit more about what sort of training he did, and if there were any confrontations, etc between his brothers and himself over him having a pokemon.

I wonder where he got the pendant from; was it from his parents, for example.

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PostSubject: Re: Edmund Colewell   

Edmund Colewell
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