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 Where Important Stuff Starts Happening!!!

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PostSubject: Where Important Stuff Starts Happening!!!   Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:27 am

Now Heart, with 2 Pokemon now, traveled to Violet City in hopes of finding his Uncle Zach and beating the gym(but mostly beating the gym). He decided he needed to train, so he went toward the sprout tower, which was apparently filled with monks using Bellsprout. Besides, it would give him a good chance to test out the transformations he gave photocopyslave(see the second part of 'The Rival Reveals himself!). Since this would take way to long to write, I will just explain how most fights against the monks were for H.G as he went up the tower. Heart sends out his Ditto photocopyslave, who first transforms into a hot swimsuit model to attract the young guy monk. Distracted, the monk and his multiple bellsprout are vulnerable to and defeated by Ditto's other transformations. These include Godzilla, which he saw on a movie case cover, a few pistols, a bomb, etc. There were a total of 25 level 10 bellsprout, and 12 level 20 weepinbel. This leveled up Bob to level 26, and photocopyslave to 25(since im to lazy to do excact math). Now Bob the Machop knows Rock Throw, Vital Throw, Revenge, Knock Off, Karate Chop and Low Sweep. As Heart approached the final room, a weepinbel level 25 appeared, with attacks Razor Leaf, Knock Off, Acid, Sleep/Poison Powder. Our hero just went whatever and caught it with a quick ball, after narrowly dodging a sharp razor leaf. After a few minutes of thinking, he decided to name the weepinbel weepy. He approached the Elder Li, leader of the tower. But without turning around, Li said, "You are here to battle me, no?" Surprised, Heart blurted out what was on his mind:"How did you know I was behind you, or my intentions. Are you an internet stalker to?" Elder Li just stared at him with a weirded out look. He then through out his Pokemon and began to battle!
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PostSubject: Re: Where Important Stuff Starts Happening!!!   Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:48 am

Topic locked. Create a character before actually roleplaying.
First warning, and last given three topics have already been made by you.
Where Important Stuff Starts Happening!!!
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