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 WIP Nick

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PostSubject: WIP Nick   Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:15 pm

|~ Gen. Information ~|
Aliases / Names: Nick Gander

Age | Birthplace | Gender:
-Pallet Town (Kanto)

Trainer Rank: Pokemon Trainer

|~ Characterization ~|
Appearance: Nick is of average height, measuring out to be 5"10 ft. He is lean and weighs about 175 Lbs. His skin is a light tan color and is smooth and clear of bumps. He has very clean, white teeth that are straight. Nick has a small nose that is kind of pointy. His mouth fits his face proportionally. He has medium sized lips and medium sized ears. His eyes are in between round and almond shaped. His eyes are a light pink color. Nick's hair is a light brown color, and it is very curly. It is medium length and is thick, so it doesn't hang down on his face. His hair is lined up around the edges and is tapered at the lower part.

Nick wears a plain white t-shirt that has a tiny red characters spelling "Swirl 2.0" on the left side near the chest area. He then wears black cargo pants and white sneakers that have some read in them. Nick also has a red visor that has a black swirl logo on the front of it. He also has a red belt with a silver swirl buckle on the front. He carries around a plain black backpack that has one large pocket and one small one in the front. He also has a silver studded earring in each ear.

Personality: Nick is very social. He is outgoing and isn't afraid to be himself around others. He enjoys talking and interacting with other people. He can be loud sometimes because he always projects his voice so everyone can hear him. He's not shy and will voice his opinion in a heartbeat. Actually he always voices his opinion and doesn't care if it comes off as rude or mean. Nick likes to make fun of people and thinks it is hilarious. When he first gets to know somebody he doesn't make fun of them really, but when he befriends them then everything is game. He does it in all good fun though and everyone who knows him, knows he is just playing around. He can also be sarcastic and thinks it's funny when he does act this way. Nick is very competitive and likes competing with others. He is also hardworking and determined to reach his goals. Flirting with girls is another thing he enjoys doing, and he does it whenever he has a chance. Despite how he can come off as rude sometimes, he is actually caring about others.

Nick enjoys being around other people and having friends surround him. He is athletic and likes to work out and play sports. He also likes eating a lot of food and can eat a lot before he gets full. Nick likes listening to music and dancing too. He doesn't like reading too much, nor sleeping. He is an early bird and doesn't like wasting his day by sleeping in. Nick looks at his friends as family and would never do anything to really hurt them.

Battle Style: Nick tries to use his surroundings in his battle style the best he can. He also likes to create counter strikes by evading or blocking and then hitting the opponent when they least expect it. When both of these fail he diverts to using offensive attacks quickly to finish the opponent/

Past Experience / History:
Write about the background of your character here. What makes your character who he/she is? What events comprise the goal(s) that your character follows? Depict these experiences in at least 3 paragraphs of 3-5 sentences, depicting at least 3 major events and at least 2 childhood experiences; how the character encounters their pokemon is also a requirement. Use transitions and portray at what point in their life events happen! Examples that you could write of are experiences between the character and other figures in their life, terrifying moments, inspirational endeavors, etc.

|~ Inventory ~|







Money: $6,200
05x Pokeballs

|~ Pokemon ~|
Species: Onix

Nickname: Rocky
Gender: Male
Level: 12
Experience: 0
Ability: Rock Head

-Heavy Slam (EM)
-Dig (TM)
-Mud Sport
-Curse (Lv.4)
-Rock Throw (Lv.7)
-Rock Tomb (Lv.10)
WIP Nick
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