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 Maddeline "Maddie" Wood

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PostSubject: Maddeline "Maddie" Wood   Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:51 am

|~ Gen. Information ~|
Aliases / Names:
Madeline Wood [NN] "Maddie" or "Mads"

Age | Birthplace | Gender:
   17 years old,Born in Laverre City,Kalos.Female
Trainer Rank:
|~ Characterization ~|
Maddie is of average height and is a tad bit over weight.Her black hair is kept in a short pixie cut.She wears over-all's,a plaid shirt (or Paisley shirts and jeans when around society) and men's steal toed boots,seeing as she cant find any women's steal toed boots that are wide enough for her feet. She has blue eyes and thick coke bottle glasses.

Maddie is a Aunt in everything but name-one of her adult cousins had a baby seven years ago-and,as a result tends to shout out random words(Such as "FLUFFY!") instead of curses.She has an extremely odd thought process that tends to change directly quickly.This tends to lead to strange and random questions. Maddie often goes out of her way to help people reach the conclusion she thinks they want to reach.This tends to result in her not having many friends and people thinking her slow.slow. Maddie is scared of the dark and lightning.Raised voices terrify her to the point of tears.She is very protective of children.She likes taking pictures.

Battle Style:
She uses random commands and tactics that seem completely random and nonsensical.They are usually either game based or one worded(Such as "peek-a-boo!" or or "Taco!") and follow a rather twisted logic.

Past Experience / History:
Maddie was born in Laverne City on December Twelfth.She was sickly as a child and mostly confined to her room reading books.Her Mother and Father separated when she was two,and soon began dating people who where less than child friendly.Her Mothers boy friend believed in the saying that children should be seen not heard,and instructed her,on more than one occasion in her early child hood to grow up,usually while screaming.She once broke a leg under the supervision of a babysitter hired by her fathers girlfriend and went a day without treatment before anyone realized it was more than a sprain.Her father gave her her Skiddo-The child of his own starter,a GoGoat,on her tenth birthday.Her father resumed his journey three days later and promptly disappeared.He was found dead several months later in Kalos's perilous rout eight. Three years later her mother broke up with her boyfriend and they moved to Snowbelle city.A year later she was hospitalized with pneumonia and developed near constant asthma.she was prescribed both an inhaler and a breathing machine.She worked in a small shop taking developing photos for six months before it closed when she was sixteen.The shop owner(a 92 year old man who was closing the shop to spend more time with his grand kids) gave her the camera she used as a gift upon closing the store.Upon being cleared to journey by her doctor,she packed her bags and took a bus to Santalune city.She would often babysit her baby cousin in her free time and often answered questions such as "Why did the man on the TV leave put his baby in the oven" and "Do Pokemon go to people heaven or Pokemon heaven".

|~ Inventory ~|

Money: $6,200
05x Pokeballs

|~ Pokemon ~|
Gender: Male
Experience: 0
Ability:Grass Pelt
Samson is friendly towards young children and those weaker than his trainer.He is very stubborn and protective of his trainer.

L Start- Tackle,Growth
L 7- Vine Whip
L 9- Tail Whip
L 12- Leach Seed
Tm- TM93 Wild Charge
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PostSubject: Re: Maddeline "Maddie" Wood   Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:57 am

The app has potential, but honestly a lot of the details feel random and disconnected. For example, the history has some important details in chronological order, but there's no exploration of them or link as to how they shaped Mads as a person or caused her to make particular decisions. Her parents aren't even named. It's the same in personality, which has basic random details but no link between things or any particular depth. Even in the battle style, why does she shout random words? What's the twisted logic? Why's it there? You've scratched the surface, but please provide more details across the board and give this character some solid depth so that it can be approved.
Maddeline "Maddie" Wood
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