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 Hiro Yamada

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PostSubject: Hiro Yamada   Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:50 pm

|~ Gen. Information ~|
Aliases / Names:
Hiro Yamada

Age | Birthplace | Gender:
Seventeen | Littleroot | Male

Trainer Rank:
Pokemon Trainer

|~ Characterization ~|

Hiro is a rather, quiet individual. He likes to distance himself from most people, only talking, and maybe even hang out with people if he either truly enjoys said person's personality, or if he finds them useful for whatever reason. Hiro’s humor can be described as real blunt, dark, and quick witted, mostly being a person to add on to a joke more than actually making one himself.

Hiro himself is a pretty down to earth guy. Not the one to forget where he came from, no matter how great he may become. Even though he does seem like a person who would just dump and forget just about anybody, he does in fact make sure to acknowledge just about everyone and everything that got him to where he is at at the moment, no matter what.

If there is one thing Hiro does not like about a person, is when they lie. When Hiro notices when someone lies, which, he has a pretty good sense at, his trust in said person completely demolishes. He may not show the mistrust out right, but, it takes so much to rebuild Hiro’s trust after that.

Even though Hiro is great at telling if someone is lying or not, he is not really the best at telling a person’s emotions. He’s not even sure how to react for different emotions half the time. Like, if someone is overly excited, he would have no idea how to act. This could be because he isolated himself from so many people for a chunk of his life, that he just can't read how someone is feeling or what is the proper way to react to that said emotion.

Overall, Hiro really likes to keep himself both with his back story, how he feels, and even, as long as no one sees, his Pokemon. Hiro likes to at least try and use some mind games when it comes to battling and even social type things. Though it sounds harsh to him, he kind of likes to play everyone he talks to for his own advantage, whether it means being able to get a certain Pokémon, get to people he wants to meet, or even getting to a gym battle. It's almost like it's all a game to him, in the lowest sense of the word.

Battle Style:
Hiro is so much more of an defensive style trainer than an offensive
style. But, that's more of what he prefers. He is more than aware of his Pokemon strengths and weaknesses, using this as an advantage for himself, and a disadvantage for them. Hiro also seems to be slacking along in battles, not going for the instant win off the bat, but observing said person's moves to use their strengths and weaknesses against them.

Past Experience / History:
Hiro actually lived a pretty decent life for the most part. When he was younger he had, to put it easily, a speech impediment. And, his family being them, he was made fun because of it. Even dubbing it "Hironiese." Whatever that means. His cousin was the only one who really understood what he was saying. But when he got mad enough, he would join in the insults of Hiro's speech. Eventually Hiro's mom did in fact move away. Just, to get away from her family. To know how it feels to live by herself. Her and her son.

Hiro never had a father. Well he had a father, like everyone else, but he never knew him. And not because he died, but just because he was just not there for the birth nor while Hiro started to live. Hiro's dad, just, wasn't there for him or his mom when he was needed the most. When the tough got going. But since then, Hiro and his mom has actually been quite fond of their life alone in a totally different town. But obviously, that didn't last forever.

Hiro's Grandpa for the first time in Hiro's life went to Hiro's home to just, visit with family, as he liked to say. Hiro was also eleven at the time. And, really, the whole trip itself wasn't bad. If anything, Hiro had tons of fun with his grandpa for the week he was there. But, that all changed once he went back where he was from. And basically slandered Hiro's mom. Saying how Hiro looked so ragged, and how his mom did not have enough money to support both herself and Hiro. And what shouldn't come at all that much of a surprise, everyone in his family believed him.

Ever since then, Hiro kind of isolated himself from the rest of his family. Once he started to isolate himself from his family, he slowly started to isolate himself from his friends, and anybody else at his town. The only person he really cared about was his mom. During the next few years he found a new found interest in Pokémon. Just the fact that most Pokémon seem so, trustworthy to him. How it seems it won't go and lie, cheat, and steal. Hiro spent a lot of time studying relationships between human and Pokémon. How do they act depending on the Trainer? That's what Hiro wanted to do. Test the relationship between human and Pokémon, understand it on such a deeper level. And to him, to fully understand how Pokémon feel, is to travel with them, eat with them, battle with them, live with them. He felt after he does those things, he will eventually know all he needs to know about Pokémon. And maybe, along the way, learns more about himself and even his family.

The only problem he had to worry about was the fact that he would have to leave his mother. And that itself made him want to quit the, rather ridiculous sounding idea to just stay with his mom. And really, he was always afraid of bringing anything up with her. Afraid of how she would react. Natural for most kids really. But how she reacted, actually surprised Hiro. The moment he brought it up to her, she just stayed quiet for a moment and got up and motioned for Hiro to follow her into her room. Once Hiro's mom walked in, she opened up a drawer to reveal a red and black box. Hiro's mom soon explained that since Hiro's dad left them, she tried to throw away any memories that still remained. But she couldn't just, throw away a Pokemon. She then explained how she made sure to keep the Pokemon active, and healthy. How she was so very proud of Hiro. And she wishes him the best of luck in his travels.

|~ Inventory ~|

Money: $6,200
05x Pokeballs

|~ Pokemon ~|
Species: Chimchar
Nickname: Zuko
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Experience: 0
Ability: Blaze
Personality: A act first think later kind of Pokemon. Is real hard to work with because if it doesn't like the way you're battling. He will either stop fighting as is, or just stop listening to his trainer and battle itself. But really, he just want's someone to trust. Considering his original trainer left him for, whoever this woman is...

Lv1 Leer
Lv1 Scratch
Lv7 Ember
Lv9 Taunt
TM Flame Charge
EM Blaze Kick

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PostSubject: Re: Hiro Yamada   Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:31 am

Done! ^.^
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PostSubject: Re: Hiro Yamada   Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:13 pm

Hiro's name changes in personality to 'Shun' part way through, so please clear this up. I'd also like some expansion on personality, some real depth and detail across the board. It's good to start, but it feels like it's lacking. Also, there is serious comma overkill the entire way through the application. Please clear this up as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiro Yamada   Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:23 am

Fixed the Shun, the commas, and added to personality, tell me if I need to add anything else.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiro Yamada   

Hiro Yamada
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