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 Chrom Wilson

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PostSubject: Chrom Wilson   Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:51 am

|~ Gen. Information ~|
Aliases / Names:
Chrom Wilson

Age | Birthplace | Gender:
17, Cherrygrove Johto, Male

Trainer Rank:

|~ Characterization ~|
He's on the shorter side. He has blonde hair, and he's a bit on the larger side. He has one tattoo on his left shoulder it's of a Moltres. His body is very disproportionate, His legs and arms are very short, and his torso is huge. He wears a blue ring purely decorative, and not worth much but it's from his Grandma. He usually wears shorts , but will on special occasions wear  dress clothes.
He is a very kind and considerate person. He treats his pokemon like his very own children. He enjoys seeing people enjoying their time playing or battling with their pokemon.
He hates it when people use their pokemon to do horrible things. He believes that no matter how a pokemon is raised that it always does what it believes is right, so therefore he believes that all pokemon are basically good. the one thing he hates more than people using pokemon to do evil things are people who mistreat their pokemon.
his Goal is to one day open a school where people can learn how to make the perfect food for their pokemon, and also learn how to bring out the best in their pokemon. He fears that one day he will give a person a pokemon , and the pokemon he gives out will be forced to do EVIL.  He suffers from frequent headaches, which happens usually at the worst times. Chrom can power through his headaches but afterwards he likely will fain

Battle Style:
He focuses on bringing out the best traits in his pokemon. he tries to use every pokemon's individual types. He sometimes picks up little tricks from his opponents which he then uses in his later battles
Past Experience / History:
When Chrom was younger his parents loved to travel. Chrom would be left in the care of his dear Grandmother, but in spite of going off a lot Chrom's family was always very close. One time Chrom's dad decided to go to violet city, and Chrom asked if he could come along with, and his father agreed. His father told him to check out the Pokémon school while he does his business. Chrom was enthralled with how these students got to use pokemon, and saw how well these pokemon were taken care of. He wanted to learn how they got the pokemon to look like this not how they battled. His father came by to pick him up , and Chrom begged his father for his own Pokémon. His father held out a Pokeball that he was holding on to for Chrom. His father told him that when he became old enough that he'd allow him to take this Pokémon officially and start a journey. Chrom's dad told him to hold on until they got home to see the Pokémon. When they got home Chrom finally saw that his dad got him a Larvitar.
When he turned ten he was allowed to go on a journey but he decided to stay at home and learn from his grandma how to best take care of his Pokémon. She taught him how to make great Pokémon food, and also her techniques of grooming pokemon, and from that years went by. on his seventeenth birthday his parents went with him and he got a tattoo that also matched theirs. This was to symbolize that no matter where any of them were they still loved each other with a burning passion.
His grandma then told Chrom that there was nothing left for her to teach, that if he wanted to learn more to travel , and to battle with Larvitar. On the day he decided to leave They were celebrating  that Chrom was going, when their TV Shorted out. The sparks were big enough to start a fire, and Chrom and his parents got out of the house. No body remembered that Grandma had a headache and laid down to take a nap, and so with the house went Grandma, and so a day of celebration turned into a day of mourning. While at the funeral Chrom and his parents were crying, and Chrom also noticed his Larvitar was crying. He picked up his Larvitar, and together they promised that they would rise up from this and become the best they could be.

|~ Inventory ~|

Money: $6,200
05x Pokeballs

|~ Pokemon ~|
Species: Larvitar
Gender: Male
Experience: 0
Ability: Guts
He is very outgoing and very kind, sometimes he can be too eccentric and has to be told to settle down

L10     Screech
L5      Sandstorm
Tm26 Earthquake
EM     Dragon Dance
Chrom Wilson
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